Conservatory Cleaning UPVC Cleaning Roof Cleaning Pressure Wash

The conservatories are made up of UPVC material that attracts dirt easily. So, it is very important to clean the dirt and dust and it needs maintenance.

Conservatory cleaning Wigan provides cleaning of the white UPVC conservatories as well as brown conservatories. We offer our services for the interior and exterior conservatories. We deliver our services according to the required need of the customers.

We try our best to provide the detailed cleaning services to our customers. Including all UPVC products from conservatories, soffits, guttering, doors, frames, and windows we serve the best services to the areas of Wigan and also to the surrounding areas of UK.


We ensure to use the equipment that is made specifically for conservatory cleaning. We work on a step by step process that includes three basic steps wash, dry, and polish. All of these steps are done manually by hand.

We use the equipment that is used to clean UPVC and all of the cleaning products are of the finest quality that leaves the conservatory look like the new one. Cleaning products like sponges, cloths, detergents, and cream are of high quality that will not give any harsh effect on the surface of the glass. To clean the stains and to remove the dirt, moss, and dust from the conservatory we use the best products that restore the shine of glass and make the conservatory looks appealing.


WASH: firstly we sponge to wash the whole conservatory using detergents that help in removing the stains and extracts the algae stuck to the frames. By using small brushes we clean the conservatory and clean the areas that are difficult to reach. Specific detergents are used for washing and all of these detergents are friendly for the interior use as well. When we are done with this detailed step of washing we proceed to the next step.

RINSE AND DRY: All of the detergents is then rinsed by using low-pressure hose pipes and after this, the conservatory is then dry out with a cloth. The neat and clean cloth is used to dry out the frames and glass of the conservatory and make the conservatory look attractive one.

POLISH: The last step polishing is now done, in this step we polish the conservatory by hand this helps in giving shine to the conservatory. For a gleaming touch, polishing is done by the workers manually from top to bottom and from left to right.